Godtland Software Sliding Tiles Puzzle - Trick to Solving the Puzzle

The Sliding Tiles Puzzle program works much like the classic Sliding Tiles Puzzle with 15 tiles to unscramble. Like the classic puzzle, the bottom right corner is the missing tile. So the best way to tackle solving the Sliding Tiles Puzzle is by starting with the top row and working your way down.

Here are the steps I usually follow to solve these puzzles:

1. Use the hint button to determine which tiles need to be positioned where. For demonstration purposes, in the following pictures, numbers 1, 2, 3, and 4 represent the tile images that belong in order across the top row, and letters X, Y, and Z represent any other tile images that don't belong in the top row.
2. Work on the top row first, placing tiles 1, 2, and 3 in the first three positions of the first row, and tile 4 in the last position of the second row, and leaving an empty space below the first tile. (Solve Trick image 1 not shown)
3. Now move the first tile down, the next three tiles to the left, and finally the last tile of the second row up. This gets that 4th tile into position. (Solve Trick image 2 not shown)
4. Now you will get the extra tile out of the first row by moving it down. Then move the first three tiles into their proper position. (Solve Trick image 3 not shown)
5. You now have the first row done. Repeat the process with the tiles for each of the next rows till the puzzle is solved. (Solve Trick image 4 not shown)
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