Click It Tourney Tracker - Scoring System

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Click It Tourney Tracker uses the Confidence 16 scoring system.

Confidence 16 Scoring System

With the confidence 16 scoring system, each participant ranks each team into positions 1 - 16, according to his confidence that the team will win in his bracket. The more confident he is that a team will win in his bracket, the closer he should rank that team to the number 1 position.

Each participant's score is calculated by:

  • subtracting the rank he gave each team from 17
  • multiplying that difference with the number of times that team won games in the tournament
  • adding together the scores the participant got for each team he picked

For example, if the participant's number 1 team won all 4 games, he would earn the highest possible score for his number 1 pick:

   (17-1)*4 = 64.

His total score would be the sum of all the points he earned for each team in the tournament.

The participant with the highest total score wins the tournament.