Every Player

Every player must download and run the free Snakes program.

  • Snakes is a game for Windows computers; it will not run on other devices.

One Player

One player (the host) must also download and run the Snakes Server program.

Download the free evaluation version of the Snakes Server program (limited functionality):

  • Play with 2 players
  • Play as many times as you want for 14 days after you install it.
  • Make sure it works on your computer
  • Decide if you like the game
  • Limitation: trial expires after 14 days.
  • Learn more

$10 to Register to unlock full functionality:

Host Name: (required)

The Host Name will be displayed as the host for all the Snakes players.

You do not need to have a PayPal account to pay with a credit card through PayPal.


2 players. Play online with family and friends, over the internet or across a home network

Snakes is a two-player animated video game. The object of the game is to outlive your opponent's snake. Guide your snake to eat as many apples as it can--making it grow longer--so it may more easily block the other snake.

Start the Game

Before you can play the game, one player, the host, must start a game. Learn more about hosting this game.

After the host has started the server, each player should start the Snakes game on their own computer and enter the port, IP address, and player name exactly as instructed by the host.

Playing the Game

Each player's snake is initially four units long. Both Snakes will start moving as soon as the second player joins the game. Players should click the rotate buttons to make their snake turn.


Green apples will randomly appear on the screen. If a snake eats an apple (crosses over it), the apple disappears and the snake grows longer.


Part of a snake's body will deaden (turn a darker color) anytime the snake collides the other snake, with its own body, or with the edges of the game. The longer a snake stays in contact with these obstacles, the more it dies off.


The game is over when one of the snakes dies off completely. When that happens, the other snake wins.


  • Try to confine your opponent in a small area.
  • Would you like to customize this game or learn to write other multiplayer games? Complete instructions for writing this Snakes game and several other multiplayer games are provided in our Do-It-Yourself Multiplayer Java Games book.
  • You can play this game without conversing with other players, but you may find it more enjoyable if you use some other form of audio or video communication while you play this game. For example, Zoom, Discord, or phone.
  • If one person leaves the game early or loses their internet connection, the game will automatically end for everyone.
  • If anyone leaves the game and others want to play again, the host must stop and restart the game server (click Stop then click Start) or close the server and start it back up again.

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