Word Mastermind is a game for Windows computers; it will not run on other devices.

Download the free evaluation version of the Word Mastermind program (limited functionality, no ads):

  • Play as many times as you want and as long as you want
  • Configure the word length, the number of tries allowed, and whether your guesses must be real words.
  • Make sure it works on your computer
  • Decide if you like the game
  • Limitation: only one word in each allowed word length.

$5 to Register to unlock access to thousands of more words:

Registration Name: (required)

The Registration Name will be displayed in the window as the name to whom the game is registered.

You do not need to have a PayPal account to pay with a credit card through PayPal.

Word Mastermind

Word Mastermind is a word game based on the traditional Mastermind game. Word Mastermind will select a random word for you to try to guess. With each guess the game will indicate which letters are in the word and which of those letters are in the correct location.

Word Mastermind vs. Wordle

Word Mastermind has many options not available in Wordle, allowing you to configure the game to your preferences.

Word Mastermind


Word Length Choose three- to seven-letter words Only five-letter words
Difficulty Choose between three difficulty levels based on how frequently the words are used in the English language Only one difficulty level: you cannot choose easier or more difficult puzzles.
Number of guesses Choose from three to fifteen guesses Only six guesses allowed
Internet required? No, play offline Yes, only play online
Play frequency Play as often as you wish every day Play only once a day
Guess restrictions Choose to require valid words or allow any combination of letters Only enter valid words
ads No ads No ads, but many third-party Wordle apps include ads

See the User Guide for more details

Play the Game

Use your computer keyboard or click the alphabet buttons to enter the letters of your guess. The letters will appear in the first available row of boxes. Use the backspace key on your keyboard or click the left arrow button to delete the last letter you typed. Once you enter the last letter of a row, the Enter button will be shown. You may then press the Enter key on your computer keyboard or click the Enter button to submit your guess.

If the word you entered is accepted, the letters in your guess that are in the correct location will turn green and those that are in the word but in the wrong location will turn yellow. Letters in the alphabet buttons that are not in the word will turn gray, and those that are in the word will turn green.

Click File/Settings to change the game settings.

How Many Words?

In the evaluation mode you will only get one word for each word length. However, if you register to unlock the game's full functionality, you will have access to thousands of more words:

Difficulty Level
1 2 3
Only common words Includes less common words Includes rare words
3-letter words 176 530 972
4-letter words 577 1,638 3,903
5-letter words 699 2,282 8,636
6-letter words 726 2,887 15,232
7-letter words 653 2,838 23,109

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