This week I got many photos ready for a web page photo album. I needed every photo scaled to the width of the web page, and scaled again, very small, to be used as a thumbnail. This could have taken hours using a photo editor. Instead, it took minutes using one of my favorite free programs: Picture Resizer, by RealWorld Graphics.

Picture Resizer is a free program and may be downloaded from To install it, simply place the PhotoResize400.exe file that you download from the RealWorld Graphics website onto your desktop.

How Do You Use Picture Resizer?

First decide what size photos you want to create. Then rename the PhotoResize400.exe file that you put on your desktop to include your desired photo size. For example, I wanted my photos to be resized to 520 pixels in its widest dimension. So I renamed the PhotoResize400.exe file to PhotoResize520.exe. There are many other options that may be set, all by renaming the PhotoResize400.exe file. See the RealWorld Graphics website for more details:

Next, open Windows Explorer and select the photos you want to resize. To select more than one consecutive photo, click on the first one to select it, then Shift-click to select the last one. To select files that are not immediately after another selected one, Ctrl-click on each additional photo.

Once you’ve selected all the photos, use your mouse to drag them and drop them on the PhotoResize520.exe icon that is on your desktop. Immediately, a black Command Prompt window appears, displaying messages as it copies and resizes each photo. Picture Resizer automatically creates the new, resized image files in the same directory as the original photos, and adds the photo size as part of the file name. The original photo does not get modified in any way. For example, the resized copy of my original photo, IMG_0032.JPG, was created as IMG_0032-520.jpg. Press Enter to close the Command Prompt window.


Digital photos typically need to be resized before you put them on a web page or attach them to an e-mail. If you do not need to do any other photo editing, Picture Resizer makes the task of resizing many photos quick and easy.

In fact, I love the “drag and drop on a desktop icon” interface so much, I’m thinking of implementing that same user interface in the next program that I’m working on.

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