Create a File Type Association

Double clicking a .doc file will usually start Microsoft Office. Double clicking a .pdf file will usually start Adobe Acrobat Reader. By assigning a default program to a file extension you create a file type association. Any program, even programs you wrote, can be assigned as the default program for any file extension. Creating a …

Protect Your Program Code – Obfuscate It

It’s depressing to read online just how easy it is for someone to decompile Java class file byte code, to turn it back into the original Java source code. You can’t prevent someone from decompiling your code, but you can make the decompiled code more difficult to understand. You can rename objects, variables, and method …

Create a Readme.txt File

A readme.txt file is important.  If  someone has problems installing your  program, he will likely look for your readme.txt file for answers.  Examining a readme.txt file is also the easiest way for someone to determine the purpose of a program without starting the program itself. What Should You Include in a Readme.txt File? Include any …

Create a Software License Agreement

You’ve seen all sorts of license agreements. They appear when you install other people’s software. You may have hated them. You may not have bothered to read them. But now that you are selling your own software, it is time to realize that the license agreement is very important, and that you need one too. …

More Do-It-Yourself Java Games

More Do-It-Yourself Java Games: An Introduction to Java Graphics and Event-Driven Programming is the second book of the Do-It-Yourself Java Games series. You'll learn to create windows and dialogs, to add buttons and input fields, to use images and drawings, and to respond to keyboard input and mouse clicks and drags. You'll create 10 more games including several puzzles, a dice game, a word game, and a card game.

This book assumes you either have an understanding of basic Java programming or you have read the first book, Do-It-Yourself Java Games: An Introduction to Java Computer Programming. Read more.

Do-It-Yourself Java Games

Do-It-Yourself Java Games: An Introduction to Java Computer Programming uses a unique "discovery learning" approach to teach computer programming: learn Java programming techniques more by doing Java programming than by reading about them.

Through extensive use of fill-in blanks, with easy one-click access to answers, you will be guided to write complete programs yourself, starting with the first lesson. You'll create puzzle and game programs like Choose An Adventure, Secret Code, Hangman, Crazy Eights, and many more, and discover how, when, and why Java programs are written the way they are. Read more

Step-by-Step Tutorial

Many of the tips, techniques, and tools discussed in this blog are demonstrated in a detailed step-by-step tutorial in the book, This Little Program Went to Market, by Annette Godtland.

The book takes a computer program through the entire process of creating, deploying and distributing a program, then selling and marketing it (or any other product) on the Internet. Read more.