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Annette Godtland

Who am I?

My name is Annette Godtland.  I am a computer programmer in Rochester MN.  I started writing my own programs to sell on the Internet in 2005.  Starting with my first programs, I learned that there was much more to do after the program was written before it was ready to be sold on the Internet.  The program had to be market-ready: easy for others to use, but also made to protect my ownership of the program.  A Web site and sales process needed to be created, and I needed to find ways to get the word out about my program.  I had a lot to learn, and I it took me a long time to find answers to all of my questions.  I was most surprised to learn that almost the entire process can be done for free using freeware and open source tools.

I would like to share with you many tips, tools, and techniques that I use to make my own computer programs “market ready” and for sale on my Web site. Much of this process may be used for selling almost anything on the Internet. I hope these tips for creating, deploying, distributing, selling, and marketing computer software and more on the Internet will help you take your own products to market. Good luck!

Why the Title “This Little Program Went to Market”?

The title is a play on the words of the nursery rhyme, This Little Piggy Went to Market. I discovered that with a few words changed, that nursery rhyme fit the spirit of the sale of my first computer program very well. I modified that nursery rhyme in my Tale of Two Programs, in which one program goes to market and the other stays home:

This Little Program Went To Market

(or “A Tale of Two Programs”)

This little program went to market.

(The first little program ventured out to the Internet.)

This little program stayed home.

(The second little program was for home use only.)

This little program was all beefed up.

(The first little program had a high ranking Web page, a trial version, an installation wizard, and much more. It could even be purchased by credit card.)

This little program had none.

(The second little program needed none of these. It never wanted to leave home anyway.)

This little program cried “Whee! Whee! Whee!” all the way home!

(Actually, that is me, crying in excitement, every time I get an e-mail notice that I just sold another copy of that first little program!)

What Training and Experience do I Have?

I got my Bachelor of Science degree at North Dakota State University, majoring in Computer Science, Math, and Math Education. I worked as a computer programmer at IBM for 20 years, then at Kingland Systems Corporation for 5 years.  I now consider myself a hobby programmer and have been selling my own programs on my Web site, www.godtlandsoftware.com.

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